List of R.A.O.B. G.L.S.A. Forms.


All Forms listed with an * are only available from the Grand Secretary.


*1.          Application to Open a New Lodge.

*2 a.      Minor Lodge Dispensation.

*2 b.      Provincial Grand Lodge Warrant.

*2 c.       Knights Chapter Charter.

*2 d.      Roll of Honour Assembly Charter.

3.           Scrutineers Report.

4            Secretary, Treasurer, Trustee Agreement & Confirmation of Executive Officers.

5            Inventory of Lodge Property & Items of Lodge Property Held in Trust.

6.           Confirmation to 2nd Degree.

7.           Confirmation to 3rd Degree.

8            Confirmation to 4th Degree & Details for Insertion into Roll of Honour Book.

9.           Remittance Form.

10.         Order Form: 1st Degree Jewel.

11.         Order Form: Long Service Star.

12       Minor Lodge / Provincial Grand Lodge Balance Sheet:

13.         Certificate of Audit.

14.         Nomination for Initiation.

15.         Acceptance of Candidate for Initiation.

16.         Nomination for Affiliation.

17 a.      Minor Lodge Record of Attendance: January to June.

17 b.      Minor Lodge Record of Attendance: July to December.

18.         Application for Bursary.

19.         Order Form: Goods.

20.         Registration Sheet.

21 a.      Minor Lodge Roll Call of Officers: January to June.

21 b.      Minor Lodge Roll Call of Officers: July to December.

*22.       Affiliation Certificate.

23.         Transfer of Standing Certificate.

24.         Notes for the Guidance of Minor Lodge Auditors.

25 a.      Provincial Grand Lodge Attendance: January to June.

25 b.      Provincial Grand Lodge Attendance: July to December.

26.         Brethren Intending to Attend Grand Lodge.

27.         Written Apology.

*28.       Grand Primo & Provincial Grand Primo Obligation.

*29.       President of Examining Council Obligation.

*30.       Intermediate Certificate.

*31.       Candidate for Examining Council Obligation.  

32          Examination Guide for Intermediate Certificate.

33.         R.A.O.B. G.L.S.A. Constitution.

34 a.      Introduction to Buffaloism – English.

34 b.      Introduction to Buffaloism - Afrikaans.

*35.       Ratification Form for Degree Raisings.